With all of the activities dogs and cats do each day, your pet needs more than just ingredients to help keep them healthy. That’s why our Active Defense+TM dog and cat foods provide the optimal levels of nutrients that help keep your pet active and healthy and support them in all that they do.

Other pet foods offer high-quality ingredients and diets that return pets to their roots, but none truly leverage the advanced dietary science that is improving the health of humans. That’s why we created Active Defense+.

Our pet nutritionists specifically select the optimal combination of nature’s best ingredients to deliver the precise balance of nutrients capable of helping protect the health of dogs and cats. Combined with high-quality protein from real, deboned meat, poultry and fish, and mouthwatering flavors, our Active Defense+ recipes for dogs and cats taste so good, your pet won’t even know it’s helping protect their health.

Each can or bag of Active Defense+ dog and cat food serves up a healthy pet food option that makes it easy to help protect your pet and keep them active and healthy.