Tips for Traveling with Your Pets
Traveling with dogs is not unlike traveling with children. They make trips more enjoyable and contribute to some of our most lasting memories — as long as you're prepared. But have no fear! The good folks at agreed to share some time-tested wisdom on the art of pet travel. From the oceans to the skies, follow these tips and you'll never have to worry about traveling with your dogs.

The Copeland's Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Is your doggie safe in the backseat during car rides? Check out this video to see how the Copelands — with the help of the Back Seat Hammock Protector — get ready to take Colin and his furry buddy out on a road trip.


The Flippo's Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Keeping your doggie safe and happy during road trips is a must! Watch this video to learn how the Flippo family's travel tips and the Kurgo Dog Cape Cover help Chance get ready for the road. 


The Etheredge's Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Dog walking is an essential part of many pet parents' traveling activities, so why not make it as comfortable and hassle-free as possible? Watch this video to see how the Etheredge household uses the Kurgo Quantum Hands-Free Leash to make hiking with Freddy an absolute breeze! 


For Traveling With Your Pet

Trips with Pets

Traveling With Your Pet

Hitting the road can be fun for everyone, but a road trip with your four-legged friend requires preparation. To make comfort and safety a top priority, remember to pack items like your pet's medical records in case of an emergency and ice cubes for easy hydration. During long car rides, feeding should be kept to a minimum to avoid unwelcome accidents in the backseat. And although it's a common sight, never let your dog's head stick out of the car window. Flying debris or another vehicle driving too close could lead to serious injury. Read more essential tips for traveling in your car with your pet to make longer drives happy and pleasant.

Not all dogs are suited for air travel, so make sure to consult with your vet to determine if your pooch is fit for the skies. If it's a smaller pup, double-check with your airline to make sure you can bring him or her along in the cabin. Select a carrier that's appropriate for your pooch's size and weight — and make sure it has proper ventilation! For dogs traveling below cabin, keep in mind that certain breeds can suffer serious life-threatening conditions, including heat stroke and oxygen deprivation. We also recommend refraining from feeding pets four to six hours prior to air travel. Read more about these and other pet air travel tips.

Whether you're planning a relaxing sailboat trip for a day or a weeklong cruise under the stars, you'll first need to ensure your pet has gained its "sea legs" on the open waters. A pooch that isn't used to the rolling and swaying of a ship will quickly become sick and afraid. Packing a flotation device or k-9 life vest is an absolute requirement, even if your pet is an experienced swimmer. As always, proper hydration is of the utmost importance as the salty ocean air is sure to quickly dehydrate your pooch. And don't forget the portable potty, especially if your boat trip does not allow for regular land stops. Find out what else your pet needs for a safe boat trip!

Sun, surf, and miles of golden sand make for a happy dog. The key to many happy returns to the beach is knowing the proper beach etiquette: always keep your dog's vaccinations and ID tags current and never let your dog out of your sight (especially if they head into the water). Be wary of the effects of extreme temperatures — hypothermia and heat strokes are both common during the winter and summer months. Don't overestimate your dog's swimming abilities! Not all breeds are well suited for the water — always keep an eye on them when they jump in for a swim. Before you grab your beach towel and doggie sunscreen, check out our full guide for beach outings with pets.

The great outdoors are calling! What could be better than fresh air, clear blue skies and a morning hike with your best friend at your side? But before you head off into the wild, make sure you're aware of your dog's physical limits (and your own). A moderate hike can become strenuous if the weather suddenly turns. Once you've picked a manageable distance, make sure you bring enough food and water for its entire duration. We also recommend you keep your pooch on leash at all times — the outdoors are filled with critters and other animals your curious pup will happily chase after. Find more pet hiking tips for you and your four-legged companion to enjoy your next walk together.

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