Top 3 Benefits of Grain Free Pet Food

Is Switching to a Grain Free Diet Right For Your Pet?

From healthcare to playtime pet parents are always looking to provide their furry children with the best of everything – and nutrition is no different. But between work, children and everything else that draws our attention, it’s not always easy to find the time to properly research the finer details of pet nutrition.

At By Nature® Pet Foods, we’re not content with offering food that’s both natural and nutritionally complete – we want to make sure pet parents also have the knowledge necessary to make thoughtful decisions about their pet’s diets. And one of the most popular questions we receive is just what the deal is with “grain free” diets, and whether or not your cat or dog could benefit from them. To help you decide if grain free is the right choice for your family, here are three potential benefits all pet parents should be aware about:

Grain Free Pet Food Benefits

Safe for Pets with Allergies or Sensitivity to Grains

The first and most obvious benefit to feed your pet a grain free diet is in case they have allergies or troubles digesting grain-based food. What are the signs of food allergies? Common ones may include chronic diarrhea or gas, licking their feet or an itchy behind. If you notice any of those symptoms, make sure to first check with your vet as only she can confirm if it’s really an allergic reaction and which foods are actually causing it. Although grains such as wheat and corn are known allergens, there are many others your pet could be reacting to. A grain free food may help you avoid these problems.

Help Control Your Pet’s Weight

Just like with humans, if pets consume an excessive amount of carbohydrates without getting enough exercise to burn them off, they could experience unhealthy weight gains. And because some grains contain a lot of carbs, feeding your pet a grain free diet could help control their weight. Please keep in mind that this isn’t true of all pet food brands. Many replace grains with large quantities of other carb-heavy ingredients (like potatoes). Always read the labels to know just what’s inside your pet’s food.

Greater Nutritional Punch

Some pet food brands stuff their products with unnecessarily large quantities of grains to disguise the fact their food is lacking in nutritional benefits. Sure, it might pack a lot of calories, but adding tons of fillers doesn’t translate to a nutritionally satisfying diet. Instead, a healthy mix of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is necessary to reinforce your pet’s immune system and keep them energized throughout the day. And a grain free formula could be a sign that the food is light on fillers and heavy on nutrition, but here again, always check labels!

Do you think a grain free diet might be right for your pet?

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