The Top 5 Gifts to Get Your Pet

Give Your Dog or Cat the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

There’s just something about the excitement in a dog or cat’s eyes when they get a new toy or delicious treat. They’re always so happy to receive it, and watching your pet explore and play can be as enjoyable for you as the new toy is to them.

While you don’t exactly need an excuse to make your pet’s day, the holidays are a great time to give your dog or cat that gift they have been wanting all year long.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top five gifts for dogs and cats that are sure to keep them happy and entertained through the New Year. Whether your furry pal is food motivated, super curious, or goes crazy for a laser light or a squeaky sound, these gift ideas will have them rolling on the floor with excitement.

Best Gifts For Dogs

By Nature® Dog Treats
Why should humans be the only ones indulging this holiday season? Surprise your dog with any of our five mouth-watering treat flavors, including Spiced Molasses and Fruit and Nut!
KONG® Rubber Dog Toys
These super-bouncy, durable rubber toys will withstand even the mightiest chewer, and can be stuffed with treats and even frozen for added motivation and lasting entertainment.
Kyjen® Plush Puppies
Give the gift of play this holiday with any of Kyjen’s large variety of plush dog toys. Stuffed with recycled water bottles, squeakers, or just plain fluff, these plush puppies are a great holiday gift.
Kyjen® Dog Games
Bust boredom and stimulate your dog’s senses with fun puzzles and games. Your dog will love the mental and physical workout!
The Gift of Comfort
Everyone appreciates a comfortable place to sleep, and your dog is no different! Watch them curl up happily during the winter months on a fluffy, brand new bed!

Best Gifts For Cats

KONG® Catnip Toys
Cats go crazy for catnip! Choose from a wide selection of toys with catnip and keep the fun going for your cat for hours.
KONG® Active Cat Toys
These fun toys naturally bring out your cat’s instincts to stalk, chase, pounce and tackle. Catnip and noisemakers make these all the more entertaining.
KONG® Laser Toy
Entertain your cat endlessly with a laser pointer pen! Your cat will dart after the small red light and not even realize they’re getting a great workout too.
Scratch Lounge®
Cats scratch instinctively to stretch their muscles and keep their nails in shape. Give them what they need – and keep them away from your furniture – with a Scratch Lounge!
Cat Tunnel
Cats love a place to hide. Cat tunnels allow them to get away from it all in a dark space, while still being able to keep watch and be alert about what’s going on around them.
Your pet will certainly love any gift they receive from you, but don’t forget about the most important gifts you can give your dog or cat – love, attention and snuggles. Things get hectic around the holidays, but making time to play or take a walk will go a long way with your best furry friend.

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