Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising Safely with Your Dog in the Fall The fall season is a great time for you and your dog to head outside and get some exercise together! The colors on the trees are vibrant, your shoes crunch over leaves with each step, and the temperature is typically just right. Your dog will appreciate the chance to spend some extra …

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How To Give Your Cat A Bath

8 Tips for Bathing Your Cat No pet is crazy about bath time, so giving your cat a bath can be a tedious undertaking. While your fluffy feline can maintain their hygiene just fine on their own, a bath can be necessary if they get into something around the house or get dirty outside. To make clean up easier on …

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10 Tips To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Summer Heat

Keep Your Cat from Overheating with these Easy Tips Battling the summer heat is challenging for humans—add a layer of fur, and it’s an entirely different story for your cat! While we have beaches to lounge at and pools to jump into, cats have few options other than finding a shady spot in your home to camp out and keep …

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