Snowed in with Your Dog?

7 Indoor Activities to Keep Your Dog Moving.

Winter can be a tough time of year, and it’s not just hard on us humans, but on our dogs too! Snow drifts, chilly temperatures and ice underpaw can leave even the most adventurous pups begging to come back inside.

But being active doesn’t have to go to the dogs just because you’re stuck indoors. Read on for 7 great indoor activities to keep your dog moving.

  1. Find the Food. Is your dog food-driven? At mealtime, hide a few piles of their favorite Active Defense+TM food in spots that will keep them guessing but aren’t impossible for them to discover. Watching them track the scent will be as much fun for you as it is for them to find it!
  2. Agility Training. With a little creativity, you can easily turn your basement or rec room into an agility course for your pooch. Set up cardboard boxes to crawl through, a sturdy crate or box to jump on, or a hula hoop to jump through, and have your dog run the course!
  3. Teach a Trick. Is there a trick you’ve been meaning to teach your dog? Now is the perfect time! Arm yourself with some treats and get to work—learning a new trick is very mentally stimulating for your dog, and you’ll feel great when it works!
  4. Hide and Seek. Show your dog their favorite toy, and then hide it somewhere in the home. Instruct your pup to find the toy, giving them clues along the way to help them out. It may take a few tries, but once they catch on, it’ll be a great game for you both!
  5. Stairway Fetch. You can always get your dog moving with a (slightly smaller scale) game of fetch in the home, but if you have a stairway, the benefit is even greater. Your dog will love dashing up and down the stairs to fetch their favorite toy.
  6. Take a Field Trip. When the weather is bad, consider letting your pup tag along when you need to buy more By Nature® Active Defense+ pet food. Lots of independent pet retailers allow leashed dogs inside, and they’ll just love exploring all the smells!
  7. Boredom-Busting Toys. Give your pooch a food dispensing toy to capture their attention as they try to figure out how to get the treats. There are a lot of great stimulating and interactive dog toys out there that challenge them to solve the problem for a yummy reward.

It’s important for dogs and cats alike to stay active, even when Mother Nature isn’t exactly cooperative. Another great way to help your pets remain active and healthy is by feeding them By Nature Active Defense+ Grain Free or Balanced Diet dog and cat foods. Our formulas provide a new level of nutrition that helps protect the health of pets and the moments that make our lives with them so special.

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