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By Nature® Cat Food Testimonials

My cats have been eating By Nature canned food for years and they love it. Keep up the good work and the variety of excellent flavors available!
— Jerry, Pahrump, NV

I have a small (8 lbs) female Tuxedo female cat Molly who is 11 1/2 years old. Last year one by one all three of my cats got sick and to date we still don't know why or what. The boys are eating fine but Molly has turned into Ms Picky. I went to Northwest Pets in Eagle ID for help. By Nature was the first food they recommended. I bought one of each of the four varieties. The foster kittens loved the Beef and Turkey and Turkey Liver ones as Molly walked away. She sometimes likes the Tuna and Chicken one but is in LOVE with the Salmon one and will actually eat a full 5.5 can within 24 hours. Best thing is the boy cats hate it so I know she is the one eating it. The really best part of this food is not only will she eat it but does not throw it up. I do offer her other foods to break up the same old thing but she just picks till she gets her salmon back. Thank you so much for solving Molly's eating dilemma. Also, my cats have been on dry grain free food since birth this is the first grain free wet food she has ever eaten.
— Margaret, Middleton, ID

We have been feeding our 8 year old 19.75 lb. cat By Nature for 3 months. I have noticed a much more playful energetic cat. He also dropped a 1/2 pound. A friend recommended the brand and I will continue with By Nature.
— Gail, Cedarburg, WI

We have a beloved geriatric cat named Clio (the Muse of History) who 4 years ago was diagnosed with that sad malady common to older cats: chronic kidney failure. As with many kitties in her condition, her appetite is low and her stomach often gets upset. She rejects all of the special diet foods, especially the Rx ones. Desperate to find a food that wouldn't further stress her renal function - and one that she would actually eat! - we started researching foods with natural ingredients and moderate phosphorous levels. After some failures with other brands, we decided to try two By Nature products: organic chicken and turkey. Bingo! Since starting on this food 3 years ago our old girl is eating like a champ most days. Kitty says, "Nom, nom, nom." The vet says, "Whatever you're feeding her, keep it up." Her kidney numbers have held fairly steady, and she's got some spring in her step again. Thanks, By Nature, for supporting her good quality of life!
— Kelly, Silver Spring, MD

My 14 year-old cat, Dixie, has recently been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The poor thing has had stomach upset, awful diarrhea, vomiting, etc. I tried the food that my vet recommended to no avail. I was doing research on-line when I came across someone blogging about their cat with IBS and how your product had helped, so I tried By Nature canned cat food. In a matter of 2 days the IBS symptoms came to a screeching halt. I was lucky enough to find only 1 store in my area that carries By Nature. Iíve had to change her diet totally so I am so please that Dixie loves the Salmon, Mackerel & Sardines. I canít thank you enough for your product. I really believe it has extended her life and the quality of it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Lee, Swanzey, NH

My 16 year old cat is going through renal failure and it is often difficult to get her to eat. I have made food for her with organic ingredients, but I just do not have time to make it all the time, so I thought I would give your organic canned food a try. I tried your Chicken and Mackerel food and she kept going back for more. I am very pleased that I have found something I feel good about giving her that I can purchase off the shelf! Thank you!
— K T, Gold Beach, OR

My female GSD had a major yeast problem. I tried switching her food to all grain free. The problem was she wouldn't eat. So I went to a local pet store and had the owner help me look for a good grain free can food. She suggested, By Nature, Turkey and Bacon. My GSD licks her bowl clean now. The problem is, that is the only store that sells that brand here in our Island. They run out fast. So I have to try different flavors. Thank you for an awesome food.
— Michelle, Makawao, HI

I lost a kitty during the pet food recalls in 2007. Ever since, I have been very particular about what I feed my cats. I found By Nature, and since I am convinced of the health benefits of organic food for myself, I have opted to also feed organic to my cats. It has proven to be an excellent choice, as all three of my cats, who are rescue cats, are in excellent health. They are active, have shiny coats, and clear shiny eyes. Their muscle tone is excellent. The oldest is 7 years, and she runs and jumps like a kitten when she plays. I believe that a cat's coat tells the tale on the condition of the cat...and I have never had any other food match the condition of my cat's coats since using By Nature Organic. I am a believer!
— Marcy, Sun Valley, CA

My little Ripple swears by your Rabbit Stew. She is a small cat anyway, but now she is getting old and doesn't want to eat much. It makes me happy when she comes right up close when I open the can. I always give her first choice at feedings (I have 4 cats). I wish you made big 12oz cans of cat food. I use 2 5oz cans per feeding for the group. And I do mix and match flavors for the kitties.
— Angela, Jefferson, IA

When we were adopted by a little black kitten from a feral litter found in Georgia over 3 years ago, we had no idea what we were in for, that Wingnut would totally take over the household and be an irreplaceable part of our lives. We're now out in California, and Wingnut recently battled cancer: mast cell tumors on her neck and hip. She is thriving post-op, thanks in part to her super-healthy diet, mostly her new favorite canned food, By Nature venison stew. She goes nuts for it! Typically, she won't eat the same canned food twice in succession, but she cannot get enough of By Nature. What the heck do y'all put in it, kitty crack?!? Whatever it is, Wingnut's a fan. And, a happy kitteh is a happy household!!!
— Gina, Foothill Ranch, CA

My cat Holley is allergic to chicken and wheat so I'm thankful I found your products, which offer options with no chicken or wheat, which is VERY hard to find. Holley is a healthy, happy cat and I know she will continue that way even with her issues because there are companies like yours that provide quality food for the pets who are really our family!
— Gabrielle, Baltimore, MD

I have two cats... Ernie, one who threw up any kind of wet & dry cat food and was very thin, while the other, Pirate Kitty who started having seizures before his first birthday, had gained a tremendous amount of weight. I was convinced I could help both by adjusting their diets so I did a LOT of research and discovered ByNature. They both love the variety of flavors. Ernie eats only canned ByNature and stopped throwing up, putting on the much needed weight. Pirate Kitty slimmed down to a healthy weight and the bonus was that he could eventually come off the seizure medicine. I have now started my overweight dog on the canned ByNature dog food and hoping for similar results. I can't say enough good things about the ByNature products, the food has really made a difference in my pets.
— Marcia, Caldwell, NJ

Snickers, my petite little tiger kitty, started having a problem with diarrhea around age 13. The vet determined it was probably related to what she was eating after some testing and advised I try feeding her other foods. She was very picky so not much changed for a while. When a couple years later it was found her kidneys were failing I was told to avoid feeding her protein because it harder for her kidneys to process and usually higher in phosphorus which can be really bad for a cat with kidney failure. If on the rare occasion she would eat any of these new foods, the diarrhea was worse than ever and she was losing weight. And even though I was giving her subcutaneous fluids nightly her kidney values were degrading. After much research I sought to at least eliminate the cause of the diarrhea which I suspected to be grain related, despite higher protein content. The cupboard was filling up with the canned food she was rejecting when I came across the By Nature cans. Her single food of choice became the organic turkey / chicken. Diarrhea went away, she put on weight her kidney values stabilized and her dandruffy coat became lush & silky & more vibrantly colored. My kitty seemed to come back to life and had 8 more great months (with sub-Q fluids) until bladder cancer took her at age 17. Her 3 glossy-coated replacements love the beef & liver best.
— Katie, Sparks, NV

I have an 8 year old Himalayan and she has had terrible skin problems, they said allergies and dermatitis. When I began feeding her the By Nature canned 95% meat variety foods her skin problems and allergies cleared up! She has been a normal kitty ever since. I love this food and my kitty does too. Thanks! :)
— Brianna, Bluffton, SC

Our Maine Coon, Cisco, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 11. His glucose levels were close to 500, so he was getting insulin several times a day, along with prescription foods for his condition. We have other cats so feeding time was NOT the easiest time for us. After doing extensive research, and spending hours reading labels at the pet food stores, I found By Nature. He and his pals love the dry food, and Cisco's levels are in the normal range now. He hasn't had any insulin in two years, and at his last vet check up, no one could believe he is now 16. He looks wonderful, is active, plays, and is so happy. Our vet attributes this all to his diet! Thank YOU! — Joyce, Scottsdale, AZ

We switched from the major brands, such as Purina, about 2 years ago due to urinary tract problems with 2 of our male cats. The diet provided by those brands includes ingredients that cats would not normally eat if they were wild. Our vet said that these ingredients were causing the urinary problems.

After trying many good brands our cats just didn't eat all of their food. We have 8 cats so wasting food can be expensive. Recently I found out about By Nature foods and decided to give them a try. Our cats love it. Not once has a can not been eaten completely.

We feed them the 95% meat cans and the grain free chicken and potato formula dry food. We do wish the grain free chicken and potato formula dry food came in bigger bags but if that is the only complaint we're doing pretty good. Oh, we have not had any urinary problems since changing foods. Keep up the good work! — Joseph, Lakewood, WA

Brummel’s diabetes is being controlled with the help of organic cat food


My veterinarian recommended that I put Brummel on a special diet for diabetic cats. He had measured her glucose level at 410. I did some research and discovered that cats are not vegetarians and should be fed wet foods that are all meat high protein, moderate fat and ultra low carbohydrate. After 2 weeks on By Nature Organic Turkey and Chicken, I took her back for a glucose check and her level was 88.5, so no insulin necessary!!!! My vet is going to start trying this on other diabetic cats. Thank you for the fine cat food. — Helen, Phoenix City, AL

Our cat has chronic pancreatitis. Your product has helped her stay healthy and away from the vet's office. We can't thank you enough. — Rae, North Royalton, OH

Sweetie Pie Trouble

Sweetie Pie Trouble



I feed my two cats the By Nature Organic dry food. It is an excellent product, and I am very pleased with how my cats look. Their coats are so soft, silky and beautiful. Sonny, my 11 year old long hair, had digestive problems from excessive hairballs. I have tried every quality brand on the market and brush him 2 times a day. By Nature is the only food that has helped Sonny; it is amazing. Sweetie Pie Trouble was rescued, and her coat was dry as hay. It is so soft and silky now.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have many friends that have begun using it now. —Margieanne

The life of my beatiful cat Lulu was cut short due to chronic cystitis (complications with her bladder). She had significant pain at times; as a pet owner and her Mama, I felt terrible for her - wished there was something I could do. I decided to switch her food to try and give her any bit more comfort I possibly could - figured it couldn't hurt to try. I saw a significant change in her one I got her switched over 100% to By Nature Organics pet food. She has less frequent spells of pain/discomfort and lived out the remainder of her life with a little better quality. My second cat, Olive, has been on this food all along with Lu and she is just the healthiest, happiest cat I've ever seen. Thank you for your wonderful pet food - I look forward to MANY healthy years out of my cats. — Andrea, Island Lake, IL

Lucy’s gained a taste for natural vegetables


Lucy is a calico domestic short hair that I adopted when she was 4 months old. Her diarrhea was so bad the kitty litter really had its work cut out for it! This continued for 5 more months. The food the veterinarian recommended did not make a difference. I even started cooking for her but she only turned up her nose.

I started her on a specific probiotic product that did wonders, but is no longer available in Canada and I needed another alternative. I then found By Nature Organic canned and dry food. She loves her organic food and we have no more puddles in the litter box!

Lucy has a shiny coat, her markings are more pronounced and symmetrical Ė she has become a real beauty; and her brain functions well. She has lots of pep and has acquired a taste for anything that is on my plate! — Rae

I bought my first bag of BY NATURE dry cat food because I liked that it does not contian any soy or wheat additives. Well, little did I know that both of my cats will love it too! Everytime they hear me refill their bowls, both Josie and Vinny are by my feet, rubbing, meowing, purring away ... And their fur is soooo smooth and silky! Thank you for such a wonderful product! Purrr-meow! — Aryna, North Easham, MA



My 14 year old cat, Joseph, who is a diabetic, was overweight and lethargic. After reading about the benefits of raw meat diets for cats, I decided this might help his health. But finding organic meats and liver (great source of vitamins) was impossible. Then I found your organic canned food and decided to give it a try.

Joseph loves it!! He eats every morsel, licks the bowl and cries for more! I do add some flaxseed and probiotics because he is a diabetic. The results of feeding him By Nature Organics are amazing and well worth the added expense. His fur is soft and shiny, and even though it is summer, he sheds very little now. Chronic eye infections have cleared up, his body is leaner, and he needs less insulin, too. Perhaps the most amazing benefit has been to his personality and huge increase of energy. He seems genuinely content, walking with me outside and playing again at night. I can tell that he is happy. Thank you for a product that has given my little companion his life back. — Liz, Scranton, PA

Our Siamese "Odin" was rescued from a high kill shelter hours before he was set to be euthanized. After bringing him home it took him awhile to come around but he couldn't hide his extremely loving and friendly personality. Another issue he couldn't hide was his sensitive stomach. He would regurgitate his food on a regular basis, up to 4 times a day, much to his and my unhappiness. We tried at least five different high-end brands before being introduced to By Nature by our vet. Odin was put on the kitten food at first since he was skin and bones (5.3 Lbs) after a month on the food we started to see many improvements to his health. He no longer had the issues with regurgitation and he started to gain weight along with having visible improvement to his appearance. Two years later Odin is still eating By Nature (adult version) he is the sweetest cat and is now healthy, handsome and happy. — Stephanie, Hamlin, NY

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By Nature® Dog Food Testimonials

I've been feeding my Chow - By Nature food, Adult Formula and the Canine Whites for almost 4 years now. She has the most beautiful Silky and Shiny Black Coat. We get compliments every time we're out! Her teeth seem to be white n clean and never seem to have a breath odor problem. She is Crazy over the Canine Whites! Please don't ever stop making them! As they are sometimes very difficult to find in my area, I wish I could find a retailer that carried them regularly. We also use the canned varieties mixed with her kibble and she enjoys that too! Keep making Us and Our Pets Happy!!!
— David, Tampa, FL

Our 8 year old Fila Brasiliero has been on the Large Breed Adult Dog Formula for over 3 years now and loves it!!!! I feel really good about feeding her By Nature since I can't practically give her a raw food diet. I found you guys when our other dog had canine papiloma virus. By Nature was recommended as a benificial food for dogs with this condition. He looked so much healthier all over!!! I will continue to keep my mastiffs on this.
— Emily, Port Hueneme, CA

We were visiting in another city and forgot our regular wheat-free dog biscuits. A local pet food retailer suggested (w/ an evil grin) that we try the "By Nature - Mixed Berry Flavor" treats, but that we should be prepared for a happy chow hound when the bag was opened. WOW!!! The dog went crazy until we gave her some and we have never been without them since. Outstanding product, especially for allergy prone dogs. Well done "Kent Nutrition", well done.
— Pamela, Bridgewater, ME

My Boxer Ryan has several health problems. A autoimmune disease that hits his nose and nails, thyroid prolems and he is on several medicines which in turn makes his stomach sick at times. I have found that the Organic Turkey, Sweet Potato and Peas he loves and can keep it down. I mix the canned with the dry and he loves it.
— Pam, Westfield, MA

I found my puppy really does love that pork can food and really is a good thing because my cockapoo Molly-Lou is allergic to every other kind of meat so I find your pork can with its pure ingredients to be a true blessing. Thank You
— Doraine, Cicero, NY

I bought 2 pure breed Great Danes Puppies. By the time they were 3 months old they developed extreme allergies, all fish, grains and poultry. One of the pups would break out with hives, itch all the time and was chewing himself bald. I tried a Venison food but that made them smell bad. I had to go online to find the Pork and Sweet Potato as no store in my area carried it. BUT I am so happy I did. My pups are growing, no more problems, and have beautiful shiny coats. By Nature saved my babies lives. It is one of the best foods for My Great Dane Puppies.
— Carol, Benton City, WA

We have 5 rescue dogs. We recently changed to By Nature 95% wet food for all of them. Your price was $10.00 a case less expensive yet your ingredients were excellent. Our dogs LOVE this food. Our older dogs appreciate the fact that the food is soft. Even our older dog (15) who is very picky eats all her food now.
— Terry, Hyde Park, NY

My 5 year old English Setter, Maddie, has been on By Nature Organics dry food for several months now. She stands on her hind legs and jumps up and down in anticipation! I can't get over how happy she is after each meal. I did a lot of research before choosing this food. I feel good knowing my dog's food is high quality with great ingredients. Maddie obviously loves the taste, and her coat is gorgeous.
— Sarah, East Greenwich, RI

I own 8 English Mastiffs. I came across your By Nature brand at The Red Barn in Tarzana, CA. My babies love it. They appear healthier and their coat has never looked so good. The stool pickup is a whole lot less and I love the frequent buyers program. I just purchased 30 bags and I look forward to a long future with the By Nature company. Thanks so much.
— Steve, Calabasas, CA

I was lucky enough to win dog food from By Nature, and I am so glad I did. Since Cody, our 12 year old lab has been eating By Nature, we have seen a difference in his health. Cody has bad hips, but I really believe that the food has helped. He isn't putting on weight and his hips have not gotten any worse. Thanks By Nature.
— Ann, Pittston, PA

My 10 year old, recently rescued, golden retriever is filling out and eagerly looks forward to your organic canned chicken and peas. She was found wandering the streets of Southern CA and was taken to a kill shelter. Her condition was poor. You should see her now after only two months on your organic food. Our 7 year old, also recently rescued, miniature poodle has filled out and her eyes are not tearing as is the usual problem for poodles. Her coat is now soft as velvet. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a therapy dog for the nursing homes. Since feeding your organic food, her eyes no longer tear. My cats prefer your organic food to Natural Planet Organics and it is less expensive. Thank you for providing me with food for my companions that I know will provide them with superior nutrition leading to long, healthy lives.
— Jeanne, Big Oak Valley, CA

Our dog Zoe, a Shitzuh-Pug, was diagnosed with cancer about 4 months ago, she had to have some tumors removed and had no appetite what so was just heartbreaking. When a family member suggested we try By Nature Organic- we thought that we may as well give it a try. I am SO PLEASED to say she LOVES it!!! Zoe comes running at dinner time and eats every last morsel, she has her energy back and loves running in the yard and playing with our little Yorkie, Casey...the vet gave her 2 months and it has been more than 4 and I am so happy that BY Nature has given her spark back and maybe a little extra time to spend with our family.
— Deirdra, Muscatine, IA

Our Boston Terrier, Sarg was getting a bad rash and eyes were tearing and staining quite a bit. I starting reading up on dog foods and what was in them, I was very surprised at what is put in a lot of the big commercial dog foods. When I read about By Nature I felt it would be a good product for Sarg and we went with the Sweet Potato and Pork. He loves it and there is no more rash, eyes are clear and we have even noticed his coat is shining and he is not shedding so much. We receive many compliments on his look. We are very satisfied customer with By Nature and Sarg loves the food.
— Dolores, Pacifica, CA

Our beautiful new Tibetan Terrier puppy had severe and ongoing G.I. problems. After countless medical tests revealed nothing, a breeder /handler suggested we try By Nature Organics Chicken, which we mixed with the canned By Nature organics. Within days, his gastrointestinal problems completed resolved! He is now a healthy and happy 4 year old Grand Champion ... and still eats his By Nature Organics each and every day! Thank you for your wonderful products!
— Lois, Freeport, NY

I am so pleased with By Nature dog food. My two miniature Schnauzers are so healthy, have a wonderful shiny coat and are energetic. Elsa who is 7 1/2 has always been fussy when it came to eating dry food but liked By Nature right away. By Nature will be the only dry food for them, because I want the best.
— Jennifer, Palo Alto, CA

I just want to thank you for making such a nice healthy dog treat. My service dog has a lot of of problems with commercial dog foods and treats and you biscuits are a huge hit with him (and my other dog) and they do not cause any skin problems at all. I used to have to make all of his treats and still do sometimes but it sure is nice to be able to just grab a bag of biscuits for him and they even smell good enough that I wish you made some for humans. :) — Anne Leonhard and Ralph (Happy service dog) and Abby (big happy dog)

Nakai posing with her favorite food


Oso loves By Nature!


I am an injured police officer, forced to retire due to an on the job injury. Nakai was my partner in the K9 unit.

Thank you for making a quality food that I can trust. Nakai and Oso are thriving and beautiful. Their coats are shiny and soft. They LOVE By Nature, it digests well and you should see how excited they get when i’s feeding time! I use By Nature exclusively.

As a dog trainer, I also recommend By Nature to my students for their dogs. Several of my friends have switched and are very happy with your product. Thank you for making a quality dog food that I am happy to recommend. — Julie, West Covina, CA

Our Daisy our very spoiled cocker spaniel is thriving on By Nature Organics. Prior to feeding her By Nature, she experienced seizures and would go days without eating. It was like she was telling us that her food was making her sick. We were given a few samples of By Nature and immediately noticed a difference. She seemed brighter, more regular and experienced no gas or bloating. Best yet, she has not had a seizure in over 2 1/2 years. Is it the food, I don't know, however our dog is thriving and driving the extra miles to buy By Nature Organics is worth the time and money. — Laurie, Hamilton, NJ



My sheltie Henry's allergies all went away when I switched to your canned food. I ran out last week and he has started chewing his paws again to tell me his allergies are back. I won't run out of your food again!

By Nature is by far the best food I have found for dogs with allergies. And it even smells good! Like real food instead of a lot of by-product leftovers.

Thanks from both me and Henry! —Martha, Twenty Nine Palms, CA

When you give your dog by Nature Dog Food, you just feel like you are doing the right thing for your dog. It is safe and has natural ingredients. We love our little guy and want him around for a long time!— Sandy, Roanoke, VA



I just would love to tell you how much our dog and two cats love your By Nature dry dog and cat food. The cats can't get enough of it. Our dog “Rampage” eats every last crumb. I believe this is the best food out there for our animals. Rampage looks so good without a trace of fat on him. I'm so happy to find this food at our local pet store. — Tina, Ontario, CA

After alot of food research on different dog foods I found out that dog food isnt all the same. I choose By Nature because it was the best choice for my dog and plus I could pick up at the local store. Plus their rewards program was great. From Sarah: We have always been the kind of people that feel the better you put into your body the better you get out. We never saw a reason why this would be any different with our pets. We have a wonderful yellow lab named Maggie. We got her when she was just 8 weeks old and had been in the market for a healthy natural food that is not chuck full of fillers and foods that will slow her done and cause any allergy, breathing or joint problems. But rather help all those things for a healthy long life. After doing much research on foods and what a young healthy dog should consume, we chose By Nature to contain the best ingredients at the best price for one of the most important members in our family. Maggie is three years old and she is a healthy, vibrant yellow lab, who not only fully enjoys dinner time, but also the benefits that By Nature and its ingredient give her. Thank you. — The Emersons, Boscawen, NH

By Nature Active Formula helps provide the energy needed for the sporting dogs at Salmon Falls Kennels


Lovely Rhitta is a By Nature fed 14-month old winner shown here at the Yankee Classic

Lovely Rhitta

In thirty-five plus years of breeding, showing and hunting the sporting and hound breeds, we have fed many brands of premium dog food here at Salmon Falls Kennel. Finally there is a formula that lives up to its claims.

The By Nature line from Blue Seal is far and above the best food we have ever used. Within only a few months our dogs all experienced an increase in muscle mass, improved coat condition, firmer stools and an overall healthier appearance. The k-Calories in the Active Formula provides the energy needed to support our retrievers when they spend a long day in the field and it puts a shine on the coats of our show dogs that really captures the judge’s eye.

Our lactating females are fed the Puppy Formula and they produce large volumes of milk. Their weaned puppies thrive when fed the Puppy Formula. The stress of pregnancy, whelping and nursing can really take a toll on a female. Our girls’ recuperation time has been reduced by half.

The food we were using prior to switching to By Nature was a very expensive premium brand that frankly we felt could not be out performed. We were wrong. Thanks Blue Seal for a superior food! — Doug, Salmon Falls Kennels, Milton Mills, NH

We were at a dog show this past summer and there were representatives telling people why their product was worth a try. My husband and I own 2 dogs. One is a golden collie mix and the other is a purebred Irish Setter. We've had 4 Irish Setters and each and every one of them suffered from severe allergies. Since Nature had more natural ingredients we bought a bag. We started feeding her and within a couple of weeks we noticed how her coat started looking more red and that her stools were not as loose as before. Nature may be more expensive, especially when you have two large dogs, but it's worth every penny and we'd love to recommend it to everyone who has a dog. — Tina, Fullerton, CA





I am a studio animal trainer for film and T.V. I own two dogs – a rescue and a Shetland Sheepdog show dog. Both my dogs work in film and this is the best pet food I have found! — Kathryn, Studio City, CA

When I got my yellow lab two years ago, I hired a pet trainer to help me teach my pup the basics. She was a tremendous help with my dogs training so I asked her what brand of food she recommended to keep my pet healthy and active, and also to reduce shedding. She highly recommended By Nature and we have been very pleased with both the dry dog food as well as the dog treats. Its been two years since we started with By Nature and my lab is happy and healthy. — Sharon, Camillus, NY

The road to By Nature food for my very picky puppy, Hops was not quick, but I am so thankful we've found it! Hops, a terrier mix I rescued from filthy living conditions in October, was malnourished and fighting with a sensitive palette and intestinal parasites when I first got him. I could barely get him to eat anything. About 3 weeks after bringing Hops home I stumbled on By Nature Puppy food. It seemed to have great ingredients and was reasonably priced so I thought I'd give it a try. It was "lucky" food number 4. Two months later, Hops is gaining healthy weight and growing. He actually looks forward to eating his puppy food each day! Thank you By Nature! — Stephanie, Tempe, AZ