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By Nature Cat Food Passes the Taste Test

I found By Nature 95% Beef & Liver canned cat food in 5.5 ounce cans online. I ordered it and got an entire case. (I'm usually an optimist!) My cats are picky––and they loved it! They wanted it every day and would have eaten it for breakfast and dinner, had I not rationed it. I wanted to make it last, so I let them share one can of it once a day, until it was gone. They ate their grain-free, bean-free, artificial coloring-free dry food at the other meal.


By Nature Dog Treats

We received the Mixed Berry Flavor - and they've been a hit in this house! Even for picky Scooter. Although they're bigger biscuits, they're easily broken down into pieces Scooter can enjoy. They smell good - so sweet! These treats are made in the US - something we always double-check for these days.


i Love This: By Nature Pork and Sweet Potato Dog Food

One of the things I love most of all things is food. And my most favorite food is By Nature Pork and Sweet Potato dog food. Yum! It has no corn, wheat or soy in it, and my veterinarian said it was an excellent food for me to have. I liked it so much, I wrote to the company and sent them a picture of me with their food. They liked that picture a lot. I also like the salmon and yogurt flavor, and the regular dog food, too, but my most favorite is the pork and sweet potato dog food. Yum, yum.


Surprised…By Nature

The kibbles are smaller bits that what he was used to but he adjusted fine, and I think the smaller size may be better for cleaning his teeth. His breath definitely improved while on his kibble, which is something no one around here is complaining about. Here's the kicker. This is the best food we've had Bear on for years. His itching was under real control for the first time in years. I'm not one to keep a dog on the same food year in and year out, so we switch often, always avoiding foods with grains. But I’m sold on trying different flavors of By Nature for awhile, life has been good with this dog food.


By Nature Dog Food Review and Giveaway

First I did my "look test", because we all know our eyes are the windows to our tummies! Then the "smell test", because my nose is almost superior to my mouth. And finally my favorite the "taste test", because my taste buds don't lie! Of course they all passed with flying colors! As you can see they are a perfect size for me and for any size dog. They tasted great, mom knows because I kept eating the pile of food before she could snap a picture. Why mom approves of this dog food: • Grain - Free; No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat • Top quality product, made for all dog ages • Made without gluten, so it's gentle on my tummy ...


It's in Her Nature

Riley’s been eating it for 2.5 weeks and evidently loves the taste of it. More importantly, it "agrees" with her. She typically has a cast iron stomach as far as vomiting is concerned, but her poop factory is a little more sensitive to medications or dietary changes. I am happy to report that she has had no vomiting or any loose/runny stools during the switch over to this food. Here are some things I like about this By Nature® food: 1. Has added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help support Riley's immune system, 2. Made with real chicken and there's no chicken "byproduct" in it, 3. There's no artificial coloring added to the food...


By Nature - Natural and Organic Pet Foods and Treats – Review and #Giveaway

From the first bowl, they ALL cleaned it up, lickety split..including Fleego, who by virtue of her age, sometimes holds out for something she deems more palatable than the daily offerings. I love both the alternative protein (salmon) and the fact that it contains no wheat, corn or soy, replacing them with wholesome brown rice, ground barley and ground oats. All in all, I found our experience with By Nature Salmon, Ocean Fish & Yogurt Flavor Dog Food to be a good one and was happy to find it available nearby for future purchases.


An Organic Pet Food Option (By Nature® Review)

Here's what I liked about By Nature Grain-Free Chicken and Potato Flavor dog food: 1. The ingredients list starts with meat – specifically chicken meal. From there, it's potato meal, chicken fat, flaxseed and dried egg ... 2. In addition to being grain-free and organic, this food is also USA made ... 3. The kibble is tiny and easy for an elderpin without many teeth to chew ... Overall, my opinion is that this brand is worth trying out if you are considering trying grain-free for the first time or just want another quality food to add into your rotation.


I Live to Feed Cats

When I adopted them they were very fat, with kitty acne, dander, and their coats lacked the luster they quickly got back once they were on a healthy diet. I had started them off with a healthy weight formula, but now that they are both healthy, I've recently switched to a regular adult cat formula. They love the taste of by Nature, and I love knowing that I'm giving them nutritious, all natural food, with no corn, wheat, or soy and lots of added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I always check to see if the first ingredient of any pet food is meat before I buy it.


By Nature Pet Foods US 8/21

The day that our dog formula came, the dogs were super excited about what was in the box! I have never seen them so excited over dog food! They always get excited over snacks, but as for food we do leave their bowls out all day and they eat what they need to fill their bellies when needed. They don’t over eat either, which did surprise me the first time I left them out all day! By Nature has amazing Dog Formula, and we know this because I can’t leave our dogs bowls down any longer! They are over eating themselves now.I am super excited that our dogs love the By Nature Dog Formula! We give them a huge paws up!


Taste Testing By Nature Organic Food for Dogs

So what did I think of By Nature's Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs? I think I want more more more! Because mom makes me work for all my food and uses kibbles as treats, she is very happy to find a high quality, healthful food that I am really excited to eat. She gives me a couple of different kinds of food and she's is going to add this By Nature organic kibble into the mix :D I won’t work for all food, but I sure will work for this one!


Review: By Nature Organic Food for Dogs

Many times I eat my kibble with a side of chopped or shredded chicken, or mixed with ground turkey because the kibble alone isn't appetizing, unless I'm really, really hungry and I have no other choice. This time, I had no trouble eating the kibble and it's probably because of its good flavor, but what is most remarkable is this organic food's effect on my stool (poop). It may be due to the organic ingredients, supplements or vitamins - I don’t know, I’m no nutritionist - but it seems to be doing some good to my digestive system.


By Nature Dog Food Review

Toby loved it - but I already told you he will eat just about anything that another mammal would consume. So I went all-out, y'all, and ATE A PIECE. I had never eaten dog kibble before, ever, and it tells you how impressed I was by the ingredients that I was willing to take that step. Keep in mind that I became a vegan this year. I took this review seriously. The flavor was quite intense and really more beefy than chicken-y. Not salty, and very crunchy, like corn nuts or soy nuts. Conclusion: By Nature Organic Chicken Formula is a premium dog food that I would certainly feed to Toby again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to a friend.


We’re Trying By Nature Grain-Free! What Did We Think?

What do I like about By Nature? They offer a grain-free, poultry-free variety that DeDe can eat. You wouldn't believe that there are still so few choices for a dog with special dietary needs such as hers. I like the list of ingredients. I don't see by-products listed. And absolutely no grains. The dogs love the food. Need I say more?


Product Review: By Nature Dog Food

The food was a beautiful color and it smelled pretty good. (Even to a human!) The kibble was much smaller than I was used to. They were pea sized. It would be perfect for smaller breeds, but it was good for my medium sized girls, too. Once the bag was open, it was game time! The girls could really smell their new food now! June and Willa absolutely LOVED their new food! This food lived up to my expectations. It was made with high quality ingredients and my hounds loved it! It can be very hard to please a hound's nose, so that is saying something! I would be happy to feed this to my girls again.


Food Review: By Nature

The first thing I noticed was the tiny size. I had honestly never seen a kibble this small. Big Carl was stoked to have something he didn’t have to chomp and chomp on. The dogs absolutely love this stuff! I actually think Big Carl may like it more than he does the homemade stuff! We always feed fish based food and sometimes the smell can be terrible but By Nature’s does not. There is no gag reflex when I open the bag. I recommend picking up a bag if you can find it.


Dog food Review By Nature : No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy

So already this was a great product as it already cured two of our problems. Another problem with Kirby is he is a very picky eater. He will go as far as to almost starving himself for most of the day just to avoid having to eat certain dog foods. So how did this one work out? Happily I can say he genuinely loves it. He acts almost as if it is one of his favorite treats he can't wait to gobble down. This has been our unique experience with it, and everyone has a opinion, but for Kirby’s current needs this was a great product for us. Since having this food, I must say I am genuinely enjoying it.



Lil loved the treats (if it wasn't obvious). The Mixed Berry flavor is an antioxidant formula which I figured would be great ... She's been eating/using them for a few weeks now and (besides chicken) these are the only treats that can convince her that putting on her leash is worth it the first time she's asked. BIG DEAL. There is a decent amount of variety in flavors and on top of that they have organic, grain-free and 95% protein choices. And both dry and wet food options! Finding a brand of dog food you and your dog love is super important and you want a company you trust. I think Lil (and I) have found our go to treats!


By Nature Dog Food Review

I believe dogs need foods with a lot of moisture so Kirby only gets a small handful of kibble in the morning before I go to work. To provide a proper review, he not only received a handful in the morning but also a small sprinkling as a topper on his evening meals. Each time he ate every last morsel so I have to conclude he liked the flavors. I know he appreciated the small size of the kibble which made it easier to chew. I am also happy to report he hasn't experienced any upset stomach and his poop has remained firm with low odor.


By Nature Pet Foods: All Natural Dog Biscuits Review and Giveaway

The smell of fresh honey bursts from the bag, and it's simply wonderful. These biscuits are wheat free, eliminating a common allergen and unnecessary filler ingredient. The green tea provides healthy antioxidants, while the flaxseed promotes a healthy coat and skin ... Overall, I was really impressed with these particular biscuits. They are healthy, have fantastic ingredients, come from a trustworthy company, and Venus loves them!


By Nature Pet Food Review & Giveaway

The food looked small enough but not to small, Molly seemed to enjoy this food, and looked pleased when she was done eating it. She is an old lab and needs all the nutrients she can get right now. I also love how the bags display everything they put in them, as well as explain what they specialize in per bag so you can make sure you get the one just right for your pet. They have a wide variety of dog and cat foods, from wet to dry. The dog food when taking a close look, I hardly saw any hairs or recycled food in them, which is always a good thing when it comes to a good quality dog food.


By Nature Dog Food

I recently tried By Nature. I was happy to see they have no corn, no wheat and no soy in the food. I received the Salmon, Ocean Fish, Yogurt Flavor. It is all natural dog food and Organic. The pieces were small and perfect for my dogs. Naturally, nutritionally complete. With added vitamins and minerals. As with any food I eased my dogs into eating this. They loved the Salmon flavor. They had no problems eating it and they all loved it... I really hope that big pet stores will start to carry this because it is really good dog food. They have canned foods too. They even sell cat food.


By Nature Pet Food Review & Giveaway!

There were several things I liked about the Organic Dry Cat Food Formula. The first ingredient listed is organic chicken, and this formula contains no corn, soy or wheat. It also contains no meat by-products, no by-product meal, no white rice (only organic brown rice), no brewer's grains, no grain by-products, and no artificial colors or preservatives. In other words, it is made with all kinds of good stuff for your cat. By Nature pet foods are made with fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


By Nature Pet Food Review & Giveaway

My cats love eating and sleeping. I got the By Nature Seven Seafood dry food for them and when the box with there food got here I swear they knew the box was for them before I even opened it. I got the bags out and set them in a chair for a picture and the cats kept trying to get into the food while I was trying to take the picture. I then opened a bag and gave them some like I would with cat treats and they loved it. I then put the cat food in a dish and put it next to the cat food I already put out. The By Nature Seven Seafood dish got empty before the food I was feeding them.


By Nature Kitten Food Review

We found out that my little kitty has FIV, which is feline aids, so eating great food is very important. She will live a normal life as long as her immune system is well. Thankfully, this food has multiple protein sources, whole grains and natural fiber, fruits, vegetables and flaxseed. I love this and it is little bites for the little kitties. Her coat is so soft, shiny and silky. I would recommend this kitten food formula.


By Nature Pet Food - Review and giveaway

We received a bag of the mixed berry flavor dog treats. The dogs think they are fantastic, and the list of healthy ingredients makes me feel great about feeding them. They both love fresh berries, and I think the flavor of these is pretty close to that. I love to find companies that make high quality products, and I really love passing that goodness onto you guys.


Review and Giveaway: By Nature Natural Dog Biscuits

The biscuits are wheat-free (their major grain sources are rice and barley), and they also contain chicken meal, cranberries, carrots, blueberries, dried tomatoes, rosemary, ground flaxseed, and a variety of vitamins and minerals...As you might have guessed, all four of them would happily do cartwheels for these biscuits, if they could only figure out how.


By Nature Dog Food

Why should humans be the only ones who care about their health? Why not include our four legged comrades in the natural movement. By Nature Pet Foods is here to give us just that. They specialize in pet food which is all natural and fortified vitamins and minerals to give our pets that much needed nutritional boost. Take a look at the ingredients on the adult dog formula. Not only are you able to pronounce every item on the list but they are all ingredients we people have eaten as well.


Review and Giveaway – By Nature Dog Food

I love any dog food that is natural. That also seems to work well for Chuy Chihuahua. By Nature contains absolutely no meat by-products, by-product meal, white rice, brewers grains, grain by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


By Nature Dog Food Review!

We tried the Adult Dog Formula, which has wonderful things like chicken and lamb meal, oats, brown rice, flaxseed and even berries like blueberries, raspberries and cranberries. All full of what mom says are antioxidants. Mom was careful to slowly incorporate the By Nature food into my meals, so as not to "rock" my system. After the first week, that was all I was eating. I love it, even cleaning up the mess around my dish that happens when I eat. And mom sees a big improvement in my ears! So much less "flapping". And she says my coat is softer too.


Christmas Dinner Delites & Howliday Dining Tips!

I decided to go 'au naturalle' with a tasty Christmas dinner of DUCK & SWEET PEAS.....from By NATURE Pet Food. The good folks there have come up with Tasty AND Naturally, Nutritionally Complete Natural and Organic Dog and Cat Food. So BESIDES being very tasty......I'll dog-test to that fact!!! also helps keep your pet feeling young with a powerful mix of vitamins, & minerals and antioxidants other dog-words it's just plain good any way you bark about it!


Review of By Nature Quality Pet Food

My family has a lovable 6 year old cat who used to weigh 22 lbs but after he started using By Nature Weight Control Diet his weight has dropped to 21lbs. His fur has become more shiny,softer and he more energetic. I have tried other so called "Premium" brands but nothing compares to By Nature. I was paying more for poor quality food and my cat was not getting the nutrition he needed. My cat loves the food and I am very happy that I made the switch.


Raja Road Tests "By Nature Dog Food" and Shares with the Burbank Animal Shelter

Through research, we discovered that By Nature is a pretty good food overall, if one isn't interested in or simply can't do home cooking. My vet's office's nutrition specialist endorses By Nature, so we felt confident to sample. Raja prefers the Organic Turkey, Sweet Potato and Peas. By Nature's varieties address the current conversation about combating allergies through variety. screen shot


Win By Nature Pet Foods & show your pets you love them!

The By Nature Adult Cat Food we received has multiple protein sources including chicken, chicken livers and fish. It contains whole grains & natural fiber including ground barley, ground brown rice, ground oats, alfalfa meal and dried chickory root. These are all highly digestable and help promote digestive tract health. It even contains tomato pomace, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, turmeric and rosemary extract along with flaxseed! screen shot


By Nature Pet Food Giveaway

By Nature Pet Foods was founded in 2006 and is a division of The Kent Pet Group Pet Division. Based in Muscatine, Iowa, By Nature provides pet food diets of the highest quality, using only ingredients that deliver supreme nutritional benefits to support a pet’s natural defenses against the effects of aging, illness, physical and environmental stress. The company carries a full line of dog and cat food and treats, which are available through pet specialty retailers across the United States. screen shot


By Nature Large Breed Adult Dog Food Review

For one week, we fed By Nature Large Breed Adult Dog Formula to our two dogs. Of course, Irie, our lab mix who rarely turns down any food, dove right in and soon polished her bowl. Tiki, though, can sometimes be hesitant to try a new food. But, after a few preliminary sniffs, she too was crunching along, soon emptying her plate as well. Our resident taste-testers gave By Nature Large Breed Adult Dog Formula a definite paws-up! screen shot


By Nature Natural Dog Biscuits and Giveaway!

By Nature Pet Foods is a small New England Company that makes high-quality pet food and treats for dogs and cats. A quick look through their website shows a very transparent ingredient list and guaranteed analysis of what is in their food and treats. Their canned cat and dog food is 95 percent meat and grain free, and all of their food is organic.