Pet Safety Tips For The Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe Around the Holiday Décor

One of the most endearing qualities of dogs and cats is their curiosity. But around the holidays, you’ll want your pets to be curious about something other than your festive décor.

Despite those exploring paws, you can still decorate your home for the holidays. Simply use these five tips to ensure your pets will stay safe, no matter how you choose to express your holiday cheer.

1. Pet-Proof the Christmas Tree.

A tree in the house with a multitude of shiny decorations dangling from the branches? It’s no wonder pets love exploring these. To avoid any major issues, keep lights and decorations, especially tinsel, off the bottom branches of the tree and out of reach. Also, it’s best to place the tree in a corner and even block it off with a gate if you have a particularly persistent four-legged explorer.

2. Buy Pet-Safe Plants.

Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia plants are classic holiday favorites to display, but these plants are harmful to dogs and cats if ingested. Make sure you research whether the plant you’re buying is safe for your pets before placing that pot on the floor!

3. Watch the Wag.

If you’re placing lit candles or breakable decorative items around your home, first consider whether that item may become a casualty of your pet’s enthusiastic tail wagging! Items that could be knocked over by your dog or cat as they walk by should be moved to a more out-of-reach location.

4. Make Wires Scarce.

Dogs and cats can easily get caught up in or start chewing on wires from lights and other decorations that are left lying around the floor. If you have wires, tape them against the wall or hide them under carpeting so your pets won’t be tempted.

5. Don’t Let Them Indulge.

The holidays are a time for celebrating and enjoying delicious foods, but that doesn’t mean your pets should be included. Keep appetizers and snacks supervised or out of reach of your pets. If you want to give them something special, make it a pet-friendly treat.

Dogs and cats can be included in the holiday festivities as long as they’re kept safe! There are also plenty of pet-friendly gifts that will help take your pet’s mind off of your décor!

Taking a quick extra look around before letting your pets roam free will ensure you’ll all enjoy a happy and safe holiday season!

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