10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Love
10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Love

Make Your Pet’s Halloween a Scream With These Easy Costumes!

These DIY Halloween pet costumes are so easy to make it’s spooky! Let us know which one is your favorite by sharing in the comments below.


10. Business Dog

A few simple pieces from the back of your closet make Fido the dog in charge.

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9. Bat Kitty

Your cat will go batty for this simple costume made with felt, pipe cleaners and Velcro.

Learn How to Make it

8. Underdog

Put a “U” on the front of an old red T-shirt and give your dog Halloween superpowers!

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7. Elf Cat

A simple felt hat turns your cat into an elf – just like that!

(Photo from Popsugar.com)

6. Lion Dog

Give your pup an a-mane-zing costume with a lion mane made from shaggy faux fur.

(Photo from Instructables.com)

5. Flower Kitty

Felt petals make your cat’s costume bloom bigger than all the rest!

See How Easy it is

4. Ewok Dogs

Turn your dogs into true Star Wars characters by cutting earholes in some brown felt and tying together with shoelaces.

(Photo from HGTV.com)

3. Vampurr Kitty

Transport your cat to Transylvania with a lightweight nylon cape tied loosely with string.

(Photo from HGTV.com)

2. Ballerina Dog

Your pooch will shine on Halloween with a beautiful tulle tutu!

Here’s How to Do it

1. Super Kitty

A simple fabric bandanna brings out the super powers you always knew your cat had.

(Photo from Popsugar.com)

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