Litter Box Tips
Litter Box Tips

Litter Box Training Tips

We love our cats, but let’s face it—the litter box is the least glamorous part of being a cat parent. While cats are very clean animals and have a natural instinct to bury their waste, they also have different personalities and preferences, which can manifest themselves in the form of litter box problems.

But don’t despair—there are ways to alleviate these problems so you can live happily with your cat and their litter box.

6 Ways to Solve Litter Box Problems

1. Run the numbers

If you’re thinking one cat, one litter box, you may be surprised to know that you actually need one box per cat, plus one. This rule is especially important if you have more than one cat—cats compete for space so they need plenty of it.

2. Consider location, location, location

It may be tempting to place the litter box where you’d like it to go, but if that location doesn’t work for your cat, it isn’t going to work. Find a spot your cat can easily access and is comfortable with, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary accidents!

3. Make proper introductions

Your cat may not just start using the litter box simply because it’s there. Help your cat learn to love the litter box by placing them in the box after naps, play and meals—times when your cat is likely to need to go. Don’t use the box as punishment, especially after an accident. Keep your cat’s association with the litter box a positive one!

4. Get the size and shape that works

Your cat not only needs a litter box they can enter and exit easily, but they need enough space in the box to move around and cover their waste. Don’t choose a box because it fits nicely behind the toilet. Choose a box your cat can actually use.

5. Use the right amount

The general rule of thumb is to pour 2-3 inches of litter in the box. This amount is enough to ensure your cat can properly cover their waste, but not so much that they’ll find it difficult to walk and move around.

6. Keep it clean

Regularly scooping the litter box makes everything better for your cat and for you. Using a quick clumping, easy scooping litter with outstanding odor control like World’s Best Cat Litter makes an unpleasant job easier and keeps the box cleaner for longer—something you will both appreciate!

There are so many great moments shared by cats and their humans—don’t let the litter box get in the way of all the fun! The litter box is a necessity but doesn’t have to be a problem if you take the right steps and use a litter that works.

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