How To Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly

5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog

After waiting all day for their pet parents to come home, dogs want nothing more than to taste the sweet freedom of the outdoors–especially during the warmer summer months! Before letting Fido hightail it out the backdoor, make sure your yard is safe and dog-friendly, particularly if you’re gardening or doing any pest or weed control this summer.

Here are 5 Tips for Ensuring a Dog-Friendly Yard:

  1. Use Pet-Safe Lawn and Garden Treatments.
    Need to rid your lawn of grubs, eradicate a weed problem or use fertilizer? Some lawn and garden treatments can be toxic to pets if ingested, such as cocoa mulch, which contains the same chemical in chocolate that is toxic to dogs. Look for pet-safe alternatives or ask your veterinarian what they recommend.
  2. Fill Holes and Clean Up Garden Tools.
    Save your dog from potential injury by filling any holes around the yard and putting away tools that are often sharp and can be dangerous to your dog. You’ll both appreciate not having any surprises as you play outside in the yard!
  3. Provide Shade and Water.
    Your dog will love running around and playing in the yard, but on hot sunny days they’ll need a spot out of the sunlight and some water to help them cool off. Create a shaded area for your dog to rest under, and always keep a water bowl nearby.
  4. Fence in Your Yard.
    We’ve all been there. Take your eyes off your dog for a second and they are running off to track down a scent or visit their puppy friend next door. Putting up a fence or using a wireless fence will help keep your pup safe and give you peace of mind.
  5. Choose Pet-Safe Plants.
    Before you bring home new plants for your garden and yard, check to make sure they’re not toxic to pets if ingested. There are lots of great plants that will make your yard look great and won’t pose any health risk to your furry friend.

As long as your dog is able to roam around the yard, they’ll be happy. And with a dog-friendly yard, you’ll be happy knowing they’re safe and you’ll truly be able to enjoy the summer weather with your best pal.

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