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A blog dedicated to the pursuit
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Food Fur Thought - A blog dedicated to the pursuit of pet health & happiness

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe Around the Holiday Décor One of the most endearing qualities of dogs and cats is their curiosity. But around the holidays, you’ll want your pets to be curious about something other than your festive décor. Despite those exploring paws, you can still decorate your home for…Read More

How Do You Know if Your Pet Has Allergies?

Symptoms of Dog or Cat Allergies Just like the sinus trouble you anticipate each spring, or the itchy skin you can’t seem to shake in the summer, your pet may suffer from similar allergy symptoms. Dogs and cats are often born with or develop allergies. As pet parents, it can be difficult to know if…Read More

Exercising with your Dog

Exercising Safely with Your Dog in the Fall The fall season is a great time for you and your dog to head outside and get some exercise together! The colors on the trees are vibrant, your shoes crunch over leaves with each step, and the temperature is typically just right. Your dog will appreciate the…Read More

How to Protect Your Dog from Ticks

4 Ways to Prevent Ticks on Your Dog Our pets are our family, and we treat them as such in all that we do. So, the last thing we want to worry about is ticks and the diseases they can pass on to our canine companions. Different types of ticks reside in different regions, and…Read More

How to Give Your Cat a Bath

8 Tips for Bathing Your Cat No pet is crazy about bath time, so giving your cat a bath can be a tedious undertaking. While your fluffy feline can maintain their hygiene just fine on their own, a bath can be necessary if they get into something around the house or get dirty outside. To…Read More

How to Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly

5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog After waiting all day for their pet parents to come home, dogs want nothing more than to taste the sweet freedom of the outdoors–especially during the warmer summer months! Before letting Fido hightail it out the backdoor, make sure your yard is safe and dog-friendly,…Read More

Top 10 Items to Include in Your Cat First Aid Kit

Veterinarians are the experts, being prepared to respond if your cat gets hurt at home can make a huge difference for kitty, at least until you can get to a veterinarian. A cat first-aid kit is critical to conquering any emergency. Having the right tools readily available will lower your stress level and allow you…Read More

How to Prepare You and Your Dogs for an Emergency

Even though we hope to never be involved in any kind of emergency situation, we still do everything we can to prepare just in case. And that goes for our pets as well. To help ensure you are ready for anything with your dog, here are 5 important tips to follow. 5 Emergency Preparedness Tips…Read More

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Cool in the Summer Heat

Keep Your Cat from Overheating with these Easy Tips Battling the summer heat is challenging for humans—add a layer of fur, and it’s an entirely different story for your cat! While we have beaches to lounge at and pools to jump into, cats have few options other than finding a shady spot in your home…Read More

8 Springtime Safety Tips for Your Dog

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy in the Spring Spring is in the air, and everyone is excited – especially your four-legged pal! Spring means fresh new smells and tons of fun, outdoor adventures. But before you and your dog set out to take it all in, follow these 8 springtime safety tips for your…Read More