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A blog dedicated to the pursuit
of pet health & happiness

Food Fur Thought - A blog dedicated to the pursuit of pet health & happiness

Tips for Getting Your Dog to the Vet

How to Make Trips to the Vet Easier on You and Your Dog The dreaded trip to the vet. It’s one wrinkle in the otherwise rewarding and fun lives of pet owners and their pets. Many dogs have an inherent fear of the vet – and it’s no wonder. Veterinarian offices are filled with strangers…Read More

Diet Tips for Cats with Kidney Disease

Recommendations for Phosphorous, Protein and Water Intake for Cats As loving pet parents, we do everything we can to give our best feline friends a happy and healthy life – especially when they get sick. If your cat has been diagnosed with chronic or acute kidney disease, we’re sure you want to know everything that…Read More

Does My Dog Need a Coat in Cold Weather?

A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Warm Outside in the Winter Months When bundling up to go for a winter walk or hike with your dog, have you ever wondered if your furry pal needs a coat too? To some pet parents, a sweater or coat for their dog may seem a bit over-the-top, but…Read More

How to Switch Your Dog’s Food the Right Way

Tips for Changing Your Dog’s Food Pet parents are sometimes faced with the need to switch their dog’s food. Young dogs outgrow puppy formulas. Dogs can have adverse reactions to certain ingredients. Or maybe you’ve just realized its time to upgrade your food to provide your furry friend with a more naturally complete diet. Here…Read More

The Top 5 Gifts to Get Your Pet

Give Your Dog or Cat the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season There’s just something about the excitement in a dog or cat’s eyes when they get a new toy or delicious treat. They’re always so happy to receive it, and watching your pet explore and play can be as enjoyable for you as the new…Read More

Nutrition and Feeding Tips for Puppies

What to Feed Your Growing Puppy What would the Internet be without puppies? (A much darker place we reckon.) There’s just something irresistible about those little fur balls. Must be that perfect combination of clumsiness and innocence all wrapped into one cute package that commands us to press “Like” whenever we see their picture. Whatever…Read More

How Much Food Should My Dog Be Eating?

Nutrition and Feeding Tips for Dogs One of the most common questions pet parents have about taking care of their dog is how much they should be feeding them. And with the growing pet obesity epidemic (more than half of US pets are now considered overweight or obese), it’s a question that demands answers now…Read More

How To Give Your Pet More Energy

Could Your Pet’s Diet Be Causing Them to Feel Tired? Have you noticed your pet acting a little slower and more tired than usual? Do you get a sense they’ve lost their usual enthusiasm or zest for life? Maybe they sleep more often, run a little less around the yard or don’t climb on furniture…Read More

Top 3 Benefits of Grain-Free Pet Food

Is Switching to a Grain-Free Diet Right For Your Pet? From healthcare to playtime pet parents are always looking to provide their furry children with the best of everything – and nutrition is no different. But between work, children and everything else that draws our attention, it’s not always easy to find the time to…Read More