Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising Safely with Your Dog in the Fall

The fall season is a great time for you and your dog to head outside and get some exercise together! The colors on the trees are vibrant, your shoes crunch over leaves with each step, and the temperature is typically just right. Your dog will appreciate the chance to spend some extra quality time with you, and will also love getting out for an adventure. Make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible by following these 6 simple tips for safely exercising outside with your dog in the fall—and every season!

6 Tips for Exercising Outside with Your Dog:

  1. Make Sure Your Dog is Exercise-Ready. Depending on the activity and your dog’s breed, age and health, it’s important to know how much exercise is appropriate. If you’re unsure, check with your veterinarian and plan outdoor activities that are suitable for your pup’s capabilities.
  2. Ease into Exercise Also depending on your dog’s age and overall health, you may want to ease them into exercise. Just like humans, dogs need to work their way up to longer walks, running or hiking—especially if they are overweight or have been less active in recent months.
  3. Try New Locations. You wouldn’t want to walk the exact same route every day, so why not change things up for your dog? Try new places with different smells, scenery and other dogs so your furry pal can get the most stimulating experience out of your outdoor activity.
  4. Give Them Options. Does your dog love to hike? Do they also love water, or playing with other dogs? Switch up your routine so your dog can participate in all of the fun outdoor activities that they love. You’ll enjoy seeing their faces light up with excitement when you arrive at new locations.
  5. Remember Water and Food. Just like humans, your dog will get thirsty and hungry with increased exercise. Keep treats and a water bottle on hand so they have the fuel to continue having a great time.
  6. Pay Attention to Posted Signs. Many outdoor locations have rules around bringing pets along like keeping them leashed and picking up after them. Make sure to have the necessary accessories with you in case you need them.

Dogs love being included in outdoor plans, so the next time you want to enjoy the fresh air be sure to take them along! You’ll both have a great time enjoying the outdoors together.

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