10 Things to do With Your Pet Before Summer is Over
10 Things to do With Your Pet Before Summer is Over

Check These Items Off Your Pet’s Summer Bucket List

Dogs and cats want to enjoy their summer just as much as we do, and making it fun for them is easy! Here are 10 ideas for summer fun with your pet.

Go Camping 10. Go camping.
Dogs make great camping companions, and most campsites allow dogs if they’re on a leash and well-behaved.
Build an Obstacle Course 9. Create an obstacle course.
If your pet likes a challenge, create an obstacle or agility course in your yard (or in the living room if the weather is rainy) with items you have around the house. See if your dog or cat can master it!
Schedule a Playdate 8. Schedule play dates.
Scheduling a time to bring your pet to visit with a furry friend will keep them entertained and busy all summer long!
Teach a New Trick 7. Teach a new trick.
Keep your pet on their paws by teaching them something new! Cats are quick to pick up on new tricks, and for your dog, By Nature® Active Defense+™ Dog Treats make the perfect motivational snack to help them learn!
Take a Trip mmin a Car 6. Take a trip in the car.
Does your dog like car rides? Summer is the perfect time to cruise along the water or take a quiet ride. Let your pup take in the fresh air and scenery.
Go on Vacation 5. Go on vacation.
There are many dog-friendly vacation spots around the U.S. and Canada that make for a fun summer trip for you and Fido!
Dog-Friendly Hot Spot 4. Find dog-friendly hot spots.
You might be surprised how many places around town are pet-friendly. Grab a leash and give your dog or cat a tour!
Use a New Toy 3. Use a new toy.
Treat your dog or cat to a brand new toy! They’ll love the extra playtime and you’ll have a blast keeping them entertained.
Build a Cat Perch 2. Build a cat perch.
Find an easy DIY cat perch design and give your cat a new place to play!
Talk a Walk in the Park 1. Take a walk in the park.
Visit the local dog park with your pup, or leash your dog or cat for a fun summer stroll.

Your pet will love getting out and enjoying their summer alongside their human best friend!

Share your summer adventures with your pet in the comments below!

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