Snowed in with Your Dog?

7 Indoor Activities to Keep Your Dog Moving. Winter can be a tough time of year, and it’s not just hard on us humans, but on our dogs too! Snow drifts, chilly temperatures and ice underpaw can leave even the most adventurous pups begging to come back inside. But being active doesn’t have to go to the dogs just because …

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How to Protect Your Dog From Ticks

4 Ways to Prevent Ticks on Your Dog Our pets are our family, and we treat them as such in all that we do. So, the last thing we want to worry about is ticks and the diseases they can pass on to our canine companions. Different types of ticks reside in different regions, and can carry various bacterial, viral, …

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How To Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly

5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog After waiting all day for their pet parents to come home, dogs want nothing more than to taste the sweet freedom of the outdoors–especially during the warmer summer months! Before letting Fido hightail it out the backdoor, make sure your yard is safe and dog-friendly, particularly if you’re gardening or …

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