4 Cat Toys You Can Make From Household Items
4 Cat Toys You Can Make From Household Items

4 Cat Toys You Can Make From Household Items

Why buy cat toys when you can make great ones out of items you already have around the house? If you’re feeling crafty, try making these easy DIY cat toys that your feline will go crazy for.

Easy DIY Toys Your Cat Will Love

sock-toysBaby Sock Catnip Toy: These adorable toys are the perfect size for cats to bat around, and are so simple to make. Stuff one or more baby socks with catnip, and stitch up the opening. Watch the tutorial.

playhouseCardboard Cat Castle: Make your cat truly feel like royalty with their very own castle playhouse. Simple to make with any cardboard scraps you have lying around. Here’s how you do it.

tube-toyToilet Paper Tube Toy: Who doesn’t have an extra toilet paper tube lying around? Keep your cat entertained for hours with these great toys—and all you need is a pair of scissors and glue! Get the scoop.

feather-wandFeather Cat Wand: Give your cat something fun to pounce on! With just a few feathers and a crafty yarn ball, you’ll both be having a blast! Start the fun.

Try a few different toys and see how your cat reacts. The more fun they’re having, the more you’ll both enjoy these easy-to-make homemade cat toys!

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