10 ways to protect your pet
10 ways to protect your pet

10 Ways to Protect Your Pet in the New Year

Resolutions abound in the New Year, but while you’re focusing on fulfilling yours, don’t forget about your pet! It’s a new year for dogs and cats too, and although they may not know it, they will certainly benefit from a renewed focus on their daily routines.

We have some helpful tips for easy ways to protect your pet and keep them active and healthy throughout 2015.

1 – Make walking and playtime a priority. With busy schedules and the drop in temperature, it can be tempting to skip that walk or playtime with your pet. But making time for these essential activities is not only healthy for your pet, but it’s healthy for you too! Make quality pet time a priority, and you’ll both feel better for it.

2 – Ensure Your Pet Is Getting the Right Nutrition. Just as people often resolve to eat better in the New Year, it’s important to pay the same mind to your pet’s diet as well. Do some research to see if there are new or different options available that might be more nutritious for your pet. By Nature’s new Active Defense+TM line of dog and cat foods, for instance, is purpose-built to protect the health of your pet, and is the only pet food to offer SuperFusion®TM Advanced Nutritional Blend.

3 – Catch up on all preventive treatments. Heartworm, flea and tick protection are critical for pets—even indoor cats. Set up a reminder on your phone or mark it down on a calendar; however you do it, make sure you remember to administer this medication on time each month.

4 – Schedule a vet visit. Just like people, it’s important for pets to get a regular checkup. The regularity of vet visits varies depending on age, breed and, of course, health, so check with your vet to know how often your pet should receive a wellness exam, and schedule it now.

5 – Address that behavioral issue. Has your pet been struggling with a behavioral issue? Take the time to address it before it gets worse. Ask your vet for the best approach for your pet’s particular problem, and apply their advice right away. If you intervene with behavioral issues early, it’s easier to correct them.

6 – Volunteer or consider fostering. You treat your pets like royalty, but don’t forget there are countless dogs and cats in your community that aren’t so lucky. This year, make an effort to volunteer at your local shelter or become a foster home for pets to ease their transition to their forever home. Giving back will make you, and the pets you help, feel great.

7 – Update your pet’s ID tag info. Have you moved? Gotten a new cell phone number? Don’t forget to update your pet’s ID tag to reflect these changes so if your pet does happen to wander off, you can at least rest easy knowing whomever finds them will be able to contact you.

8 – Try new activities. Getting outdoors with your pet is a treat for both of you, and it’s even more of a treat to try new activities and go on some adventures together. Schedule a play date at a nearby dog park, go for a hike or take your daily walk in a new part of town. You can also invest in some new toys or a cat tower. Switching up your activities is the best way to truly be in with the new and out with the old in 2015.

9 – Exercise the brain. Pets love playing, but there’s one important muscle you shouldn’t forget about. Stimulate their brains with new tricks or different types of play. There are some great cat and dog toys that offer mental stimulation, and you can always try teaching your pet a new trick, which can be fun for both of you!

10 – Cut out the table scraps. If you’ve let more than a few pieces of food “fall” off your plate for your pets, there’s no time like the present to quit that habit. Feeding pets table scraps may seem harmless, but the extra food can lead to weight gain in pets, or possibly make them sick. If you must give in to their hard-to-resist begging, give them one of their own treats. If you have a dog, try new By Nature® Active Defense+TM dog treats, which are more than just a snack—they offer a healthy boost between meals.

A new year is a good time to enjoy a fresh start, and focus on some of the things we let slide over the busy holiday season. Follow these 10 tips, and you and your pet will be enjoying a very healthy and happy 2015!

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  1. Nouble

    If you’re going to volunteer, don’t expect to hailed as a hero. I’ve read an article where the volunteers were looked down upon. These were people who did the lion’s share of work while the employees did little. I guess a paycheck (no matter how pitiful) entitles people to pompousness.

    I think you wouldn’t want to start the habit mentioned in tip #10. I’d understand one or two mistakes, but that could make dinners a hassle.

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