10 Tips To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Summer Heat

Keep Your Cat from Overheating with these Easy Tips

Battling the summer heat is challenging for humans—add a layer of fur, and it’s an entirely different story for your cat! While we have beaches to lounge at and pools to jump into, cats have few options other than finding a shady spot in your home to camp out and keep cool.

You can help your cat manage their body temperature – and avoid overheating when the temps start to climb – with these 10 tips to keep your cat cool in the summer heat.

How To Keep Your Cat Cool in the Summer Heat

1. Make “Catsicles”. When you reach for a Popsicle in the freezer, don’t leave your cat out of the fun! Make your cat’s food into a tasty, frozen treat that will cool them down with this simple home recipe for “Catsicles.” Simply place wet cat food (or dry food mixed with water) in the bottom of a plastic cup and freeze overnight. The next day, pop the frozen food out of the cup and into your cat’s bowl for a treat they will love and that will keep them cool!

2. Chill their Water. Keep kitty feeling cool and refreshed all day by placing a few ice cubes in their water dish. They will appreciate the chilled water on summer’s hottest days!

3. Keep Refreshing their Water. Just as we wouldn’t want to take a gulp of warm water when we’re hot and thirsty, your cat is looking for cool and refreshing water too. Keep their water dish refreshed so it’s always cool and satisfying.

4. Air Condition or Fan their Spot. Your cat probably has a spot they occupy much of the time, so during the hot summer months, make sure the area is kept cool either with an air conditioner, fan, or both.

5. Keep them Shaded. Close your curtains or make sure your cat is spending most of their time in an area that sees less sunlight during the day. If they are in a shady spot, they will be more comfortable and less likely to suffer heat-related issues.

6. Make Bare Floors or the Basement Available. If your cat is typically upstairs or in a carpeted area of the house, consider letting them roam free in a non-carpeted space – or let them into your basement! On hot days, cats will lay on hardwood or tile floors for the cooler surface. Your basement is also naturally cooler and would help kitty through the heat.

7. Open Windows but Check the Screens. It isn’t uncommon for a cat to enjoy the soothing breeze of an open window during hotter months, but the sill can be a dangerous place. Make sure you check your screens to ensure they are strong and secure before you start opening windows for the summer.

8. Keep Kitty Out of Your Car. The worst place for a cat in the summer – or any pet for that matter –is in a car. On hot summer days, don’t leave your cat in your car for any amount of time. If you absolutely have to make a car trip with your cat, make the trip short and consider: doing it at night; keeping the car cool with air conditioning; and, bringing along ice water to give your cat a welcome drink.

9. Suspend Play Time. Your cat may want to play, but if it’s hot outside you should allow them simply to rest. There will be plenty of playtime on another – less hot – day!

10. Keep Tabs on your Tabby. Even if it means taking a mid-day trip home from work or having someone stop by, make sure you are keeping an eye on your cat during hot summer days. If you see your cat panting, breathing rapidly, experiencing sweaty feet or acting restless, it may be a sign your cat is overheated. You should call your veterinarian immediately and give your cat cold water and a cool spot to lay and rest.

Summer is a great season, but the heat can be hard on our best furry friends! Make sure your cat is keeping cool during the warmest summer days, and the season will be far more enjoyable for both of you.

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  1. Rachel

    Great tips I have a 6 month old kitty babie as this will be her first summer I wanted to be prepared,today’s been quite hot so I was already giving her ice water the catsicles sound like a great idea🐱👍🏼

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