10 Great Gifts for Your Cat

It’s National Cat Month, which is as good a reason as we can think of to give your favorite feline a little extra pampering! We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for cats to inspire you as you shop!

Pamper Your Cat With These Great Gifts

cat-cave1. Mouse Cat Cave: Watch your cat explore and lounge in the most adorable way possible with this soft mouse cat cave.

dj-pad2. DJ Cat Scratching Pad: Does your cat have a penchant for music? Catch cat scratch fever as they spin their own tunes on this unique turntable cat scratcher.

cat-trapeze3. Cat Trapeze: We love these, because nothing looks more comfortable for a cat than these soft hanging pillows that give your cat a place to perch, sleep and climb.

cat-crib4. A Cat Crib: A gift for your cat and for you! Save space with this comfortable cat bed that fits easily under your tables and chairs.

boxes-of-fun5. Boxes of Fun: Caddy Stacks makes some fun and innovative cat boxes that are easily stackable and interchangeable so your cat will never get bored!

hepper-beds6. Hepper Cat Beds: Your cat can snooze in style in these futuristic-looking cat pods by Hepper. Plus, it’s a great way for your feline to keep an eye out while feeling secure.

sitter-dvds7. Cat Sitter DVDs. Keep kitty entertained while you’re out of the house with this DVD trilogy featuring a flurry of birds, butterflies, chipmunks, fish and more for ultimate cat captivation.

cosmic-catnip8. Cosmic Catnip: Choose from an array of catnip products that will all make your cat feel extra loved.

stress-free-bowl9. Whisker Stress Free Bowl: Give your cat something new at their next meal with an elevated whisker stress free bowl from Trendy Pet.

wall-perch10. Wall Perch: When floor space is limited, your cat won’t mind at all if you give them some wall space instead.

Any of these gifts would be perfect for any feline, but no matter how you choose to celebrate your cat during National Cat Month, they’re sure to know how much you love them!

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